Please read our New Member Slide Presentation either on SlideShare or as a PDF to learn more about joining Heartland Angels. Potential members can apply here for membership. We welcome new members with diverse backgrounds:

  1. Heartland Angels does not require that a current member recommend you for membership, or require an affiliation with a university or other group.
  2. We accept investors with a range of investing experience.  Part of Heartland’s mission is education, and we have programs designed to teach new members about angel investing and provide mentoring on how to evaluate companies.
  3. We offer membership to both accredited investors and non-accredited investors.  The range of companies that a non-accredited investor can invest in is more limited, but you can participate in evaluating all companies applying for funding.
  4. You can be as involved as you want in the company evaluation process.  We do not require a specific number of hours dedicated to these activities, but encourage active participation by all members, and have many different committees available to help in specific areas.
  5. We do not have specific dollar amounts of investment required each year.

If you would like to attend a deal presentation please Contact Us