About Heartland Angels

Heartland Angels invests in seed and early-stage companies. We build insight for our members through in-depth analysis and focused communication with prospective companies.


Heartland Angels was founded in 2003 by Ronald Kirschner, M.D. Heartland’s first meeting, hosted at DePaul University in 2004, featured the now critically acclaimed and financially successful Word World company. Over the years, Heartland Angels has helped many other companies get their start. With initial support from its Charter Sponsors, RR Donnelly, and Freeborn & Peters, Heartland has been able to expand its mission over the years to include internship programs and educational seminars. Now, with a new Executive Board, Heartland has begun a new journey. One that emphasizes deal diversity, in-depth analysis, investment flexibility, and timely deal closures. Our corporate alliances, financial strategic partnerships, and angel network participation allow us to provide more secure financing for portfolio companies.