Find Funding

Read our Heartland Angels Partnering Advantages to understand more about why you should partner with us for funding.

You can apply for funding at Gust. In order to apply there, you will need the following documents:
•    Executive Summary- including the customer problem, target market, business model, competitive advantages, products/services, and your sales/marketing strategy
•    Funding information- including any previous rounds of funding raised and the parameters of your current round of funding.
•    Pitch Deck

Our Investment Focus:  There are certain types of opportunities that we feel more comfortable in financially and strategically supporting. They have, in general, the following characteristics:

•    A unique technology, process, or program
•    Intellectual Property (e.g. patents) or a clearly established product innovation process
•    A technology that solves an unmet or poorly met need

•    Market or operational competitive barriers that favor the company
•    Located within a 350 mile radius of Chicago
•    Scalable operations

Management Team
A management team capable of moving the business through the early stage growth process. The management team will have the following attributes:
•    Competence
•    Perseverance
•    Track record
•    Decency
•    Integrity
•    Coachable
•    Personal financial commitment (“Skin in the game”)
•    Sense of Urgency
•    Burning desire to succeed

•    A large and targetable market opportunity
•    Ability to have niche dominance in the market place
•    A growth strategy that does not require a national sales structure to succeed

Investment Request
•    A minority ownership position in the company. We are not a bank, we don’t loan money.
•    A growth strategy that allows for incremental funding based on performance
•    Return of the invested capital in 3–7 years with an expected internal rate of
return of 45-65+%
•    Realistic expectations of significant near-term and long-term growth
•    The potential to achieve early milestones leading to demonstrably increased valuation
•    A stage of development that allows for our participation as a director/manager/observer on the Corporate Board
•    We do not participate as a small player in a larger venture round