About Heartland Angels

Heartland Angels is a group of investors who meet to review potential investments in early stage companies.  As a group, members can share their expertise and analysis of different investment opportunities.

At Heartland, the investor and entrepreneur have a collaborative experience. As an investor you will have a more intimate experience, more face time and experienced teamwork among fellow investors forming questions to properly vet the potential investment.  You do not need an affiliation with a college or other business organization to join; you simply need to be an accredited investor.  Also, there are no annual investment minimums.

Most investments are made through an LLC formed specifically for that investment opportunity. Due diligence must be performed by each member, and the final decision on whether to invest or not is always made by each individual member, not a fund.  By forming an LLC as the vehicle, members simplify administration efforts and have more influence as a group on the direction of the company.

Historically, Heartland Angels has had a significant portion of its membership with expertise in medicine and the life sciences.  As a result, many of the companies reviewed and ultimately invested in are in those areas.  More recently, Heartland is reviewing and has invested in companies in many different vertical markets.

Heartland Angels uses Gust to manage its investment pipeline. Companies can apply for funding here, and potential members can apply here.

Investment in early stage companies involves substantial risk.  Heartland Angels does not evaluate investment suitability, and each member is responsible for performing his or her own due diligence prior to making any investments.

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